Here are links to software tools I have released as part of my blog:

  • GitHub Activity Graph Designer / Builder
    Customize your github activity graph by drawing whatever design you want.
    It generates a set of commits that seeds the activity graph by changing GIT_AUTHOR_DATE and GIT_COMMITTER_DATE. Thanks to this tool we can all have a github activity graph that looks awesome!
  • CSS Responsive Design Testing Tool
    CSS responsive design testing made easy. This tool is a mini in browser testing lab for simulating device resolution. It lets you see the popular resolutions all at once in both landscape and portrait mode. Provides resolution testing for smart phones, tablets (nook, ipad), laptops, etc. This tool also supports URLs at localhost, since the code is all client side. Enter your URL and click the Load button to try it out!
  • Android Float Picker Widget
    Float Picker Widget is an open source Android based widget for picking a number using plus and minus buttons, no typing required. Could be used for picking specific scientific values (pH, temperature), AM/FM radio stations, quantity of items to purchase in lots. Several configuration options.

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