Hi, I'm Laurence Gellert, a software developer living in Portland, Oregon USA.

Laurence Gellert
I am currently keeping myself busy and out of trouble running a small software development company called Launch Gate.

Like any person born to write code, my interests in software are wide and insatiable. I consider myself a full stack developer. I've written some and thought a lot more about what that really means. Yes, it is a loaded term, perhaps a buzzword nowadays, and often misinterpreted. I work really hard to deliver quality. That means drawing on deep knowledge and experience, yet knowing my own limits. The secret to being the best in software is empathizing with whoever is on the other side of your work trying to get their task accomplished. Few do this well, many not at all. So, I hope 'full stack' sticks around. To me the essence of the idea is timeless.

My blog has some some well read posts... and some posts I wish more people would read.

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