Laurence Gellert

Hi there, this is the website of Laurence Gellert, a software developer living in Portland, Oregon USA.

I currently run a software consulting shop called Launch Gate. We specialize in Python/Django, PHP, JavaScript (Angular1, Angular2, React), iOS/Android hybrid apps and AWS. If you are interested in working with me, I can be reached through my contact page.

See my LinkedIn profile for more details about my skills and experience.

Twitter is for fun where I share software development tips, news, and humor – @laurencegellert.

New for May 2019 –  I’m in the process of writing a book that covers the fundamentals of software development, how to write quality code, and the context you need to be a solid developer. The table of contents is firmed up and a few chapters are almost ready. I could use your help!  If you take my survey I’ll give you a 50% discount when the book is finished. 

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Fundamentals of Software Development