Laurence Gellert

Hi there, this is the website of Laurence Gellert, a software developer living in Portland, Oregon USA.

I've been building software my entire life. My grandmother was a Cobol programmer in the 70's. I currently run a software consulting business called Launch Gate. We do back end and front end development specializing in Python/Django, PHP, JavaScript (Angular1, Angular2, React), iOS/Android native apps and AWS. If you are interested in working with me, I can be reached through my contact page.

See my LinkedIn profile for more details about my skills and experience.

Twitter is for fun where I share software development tips, news, and humor - @laurencegellert.

Are you a new developer or looking to learn?

Wiser Learning is a site I created to scratch my own learning 'itch' in the world of software. It keeps me motivated to learn with tools for planning and recording learning activities. It also helps me understand how my own knowledge fits together and where I need to improve (check out the Learning Graphs).

The good news is, it is free for learners! I'd love for you to try it out and hear your feedback.

My blog also has some resources for aspiring developers:

  1. My Answer To: I want to learn programming, should I attend a code school?
  2. Please see my category full of posts for new developers.
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My blog has some some well read posts... and some posts I wish more people would read.


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Posts I wish Google would rank higher because I enjoy them:

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