Meeting Cost Calculator with Timer

Meetings are a great thing when conducted correctly.   The flip side is a meeting where one person blabs for an hour, or people talk at each other and accomplish nothing but posturing.  I think Colin Powell said it best “Having suffered through endless, pointless, mindless time-wasters for years, I have evolved certain rules for holding meetings. My hope is this meeting cost calculator will shed some economic light on just how much work meetings cost an organization per year.

This meeting cost calculator includes a timer function! Setup the average annual salary and the number of people and click the ‘Start Timer!’ button.  Estimates the annual cost of holding the meeting as well.

Meeting Cost Calculator:
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This meeting cost calculator uses a value of 2080 hours per work year (52 weeks per year * 40 hours per week) to work backwards from salary to hourly wage.

This calculator is written in JavaScript and uses jQuery.

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