Android Float Picker Widget Launched

Made my first ever open source release tonight!

  • Android Float Picker Widget
    Float Picker Widget is an open source Android based widget for picking a number using plus and minus buttons, no typing required. Could be used for picking specific scientific values (pH, temperature), AM/FM radio stations, quantity of items to purchase in lots. Several configuration options.

The source is up on BitBucket and includes a working demo activity.

Here is a screen shot of the demo:

Android Float Picker Widget screen shot


Released it under Apache 2.0 license. Turns out to do that correctly you have to add a LICENSE file, a NOTICE file, then decorate every single file in your project with a NOTICE. What a pain, but I wanted it done right from the start.

Hopefully somebody finds it useful. It feels good to give back to the community and get my hands dirty with Android at the same time.  My prediction is a future version of the Android API will have a similar widget.  I did my own because I couldn’t find anything that did floating point / decimal values.

I will say this, knowing I was going to commit to an open source release really focused my mind.

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