OMSI Maker’s Faire Photos

The 2012 OMSI Maker’s Faire was a blast to visit. Saw lots of interesting ideas and projects. The range of ideas is huge, and span the centuries of human knowledge.  For example there was a guy making traditional leather shoes by hand, a real blacksmith complete with on-site forge, and gladiator style sword fighting lessons!   Then, just 50 feet away there was a liquid nitrogen cooled CPU overclocked to 6 GHz, booths on 3d printers, Arduino upgrades, and moving sculptures built with hardware controllers.  Got to see a full size trebuchet fire a pumpkin about 40 yards!

Almost all the projects are open source.  Everything there is being done for the joy of it. What a great atmosphere to learn and get inspired! Thank you OMSI!

Lots of MakerBot 3d printers were there:

Omsi makers fair - Makerbot

A hand made ‘skin on frame’ kayak:

Omsi makers fair kayak

Cool fashion statement, got goggles?

Omsi makers fair goggles

Magnetically powered moving sculpture:

Omsi makers fair moving sculpture

Water cooled gaming rig:

Omsi makers fair gaming rig

Robots playing basketball:

Omsi makers fair robots playing basketball



If you couldn’t go, here are some links to feed your brain:

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