Django enable SQL debug logging in shell how to

How to get Django to show debug SQL logging output in the shell. Works in Django 1.10!

Start the Django shell:

python shell

Paste this into your shell:

import logging
log = logging.getLogger('django.db.backends')

The last line log.addHandler(logging.StreamHandler()) may not be needed if you already have a StreamHandler in your logging config. Worst case, you’ll see the SQL twice.

Next time you run a QuerySet it will show the SQL and the regular result:

>>> MyModel.objects.filter(row_id__in=[15,17])\

DEBUG (0.001) SELECT DISTINCT `my_model`.`user_id`, COUNT(`my_model`.`user_id`) AS `user_count` FROM `my_model` WHERE `my_model`.`tag_id` IN (17, 15) GROUP BY `my_model`.`user_id` HAVING COUNT(`my_model`.`user_id`) > 1 ORDER BY `my_model`.`user_id` ASC LIMIT 21; args=(17, 15, 1)

<QuerySet [{'user_count': 2, 'user_id': 1L}, {'user_count': 2, 'user_id': 5L}]>
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